Some of the oldest drawings known to man are attributed to be dinosaurs or dragons. Many ancient civilizations that have dissolved into the past unable to speak for themselves have left relics that tell their story for them. It is interesting to find that many of these civilizations have pieces of pottery and other relics that seem to depict dragons or animals that look very much like dragons. Dragon drawings have existed for centuries in many forms through all these civilizations and into our world today.

dragon drawings
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Today many artists depict dragons very much as they have been depicted for centuries. The images we have today are created out of our imagination from the many stories that have been passed down through the ages. It is possible that these creatures once existed and that is why the stories and pictures started. It is also possible that these pictures are purely imagination and have always been created out of the minds of human beings. There certainly is a lot of evidence for creatures like this to have existed however when you start looking at the fossils of the animals we now call “dinosaurs”. This name from the 1800s does mean “terrible lizards” after all.


Dragons are a fascinating subject even if they are imaginary. I have thought quite a bit about it lately and with a desire to create my own original dragon drawings with my own style and one of the things I have thought about is the similarities that surely exist between the reptiles we know today and the dragon images that we see in paintings and movies. This has led me to study existing species of lizards that we have today. I am reminded of the book I read last year by Thor Heyerdahl about his travel across the pacific ocean and his brief explanation of seeing an iguana of truly monstrous proportions. His description was of a giant iguana rose bigger than a crocodile. It makes me wonder about the truth of some of the images and drawings from history.