Drawings of dragons
Many artists have given us their perception with drawings of dragons. We see these drawings from many different mediums and many different artists over the years. Some of the oldest we have are drawn in solid rock. They are carved or painted and not always easy to see or recognize but they exist none the less.
These ancient drawings of dragons may or may not be of real creatures. Many argue that somebody would not have taken the time to create such a thing if it was not for the purpose of showing something that was real. I personally think this is just an assumption and probably nonsense. Not because I deny the existence of dragons in the past but because of art. Today we have many artists who create pieces of art simply for the creation. These artists spend hundreds of hours creating a piece that is made up from their imagination and NOT just from reality.


Japanese Dragon drawing from http://vector-clipart-eps.com/buy-vectorarts-now/dragon/japanese-dragon-drawings.html/trackback

Dragon drawings and other artwork from Agustin Pia-Stockton, CA. many similar free photos and stock images can be found by searching for cheap stock photos.

Drawings of dragons
Drawings of dragons from universetattoodesigns.blogspot.com
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What is it that convinces us that people of ancient times were so practical and that they had no imagination? It is the foolish talk of human evolution that causes some to believe this idea. They surmise that these cave drawings were done by cave men who barely had the wits to feed themselves and stay alive. Simply stated this is hogwash. Man has always had the ability to think and reason. We did not evolve from lower life forms. It is perfectly plausible that the drawings of dragons on cave walls and other ancient buildings were created by people who wanted to create a fictional piece of art. Many of these are available no was free photos or cheap stock photos.


This drawing found at damnamazingthings.blogspot.com. There are many drawings of dragons and stock images or free photos available at photo stock sites.

Find many great dragon images from www.Canadiandragon.com as well as instruction about drawing dragons if you would like to learn how to do that. She also has a great natural photo gallery and offers photography services.

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It is also likely that the artists of history who have drawn these amazing stock images and pictures had some reference to help them. It may be that parts of the animal they were drawing were real. They likely had a reference animal that possessed some of the characteristics of the drawn animal. They may very well have seen a dragon type animal that we don’t see any more in today’s world. Keep in mind that we have many drawings of dragons today that are completely made up. Elements of these drawings are taken from known species however. Many artists will observe modern reptiles and build their dragon from these pictures.


Drawings of dragons
Image from http://www.picturescloset.com/Dragon_Albums/Drawings/slides/Dragon-Pencil-Drawing-dragonpic.html